Friday, August 5, 2011

A Lesson

All primped and fresh out of the laundry Mr. Squirrel and Calico Bunny had their photo shoot. They will be placed in the shop!! They did give me a bit of a scare the other night though. 
Another bad habit I like to do is keep pins tucked in my lips while sewing. Being the busy mom that I am one of the kids came into the studio while I was sewing, reminding them to be careful and that I would be out in just one minute, I lost track of the pin. Realizing there was once a pin in between my lips and now there wasn't the first thought that came to my mind was .. Did I just swallow a pin? 
Of course thinking this thought only makes things worse. You Google what to do if you swallow a pin (something I would not recommend to anyone), your throat starts to hurt, and you go into total freak out mode. Needless to say I am still alive, nothing hurts, and I won't be joining the circus anytime soon for swallowing weird objects. The pin is on my studio floor and not in my tummy. 
A nice little lessons learned. Don't tell your kids to not put things in their mouths and you put pins in there. Slow down before you hurt yourself. Pay attention. 
Slowing down will have to wait though. This weekend will be filled with a barn tag sale, game night at my mom's house, making things for next weekends farmer's market, and finishing up the 2nd Doodle Embroidery Block. I did get the blocks from the printer and they will be in the shop as soon as I can show my finished block. If you do want one before then I can set up a reserved listing for you - either comment or send me an email (itchinstitchin (at) gmail (dot) com). 
Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend like we do!!!
*Also don't forget to enter my Bloom Bucket Bag Giveaway it ends on Saturday Aug 6th!!! 


Jenniffer said...

Have a super weekend! -ours will be busy too. Enjoy!

Carol A.Bender said...

Glad you are fine and I'm looking forward to all our planned fun!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Quilt looks great, so glad you didn't swallow the pin!!
Vivienne x

Haylee said...

Oh my that is a scary thought! I wonder if you'd of had to go in and get it surgically removed if you really ended up swallowing it? Surely it wouldn't be a fun experience to get rid of it the other way.. ha, I'm glad you didn't end up doing it though.
This quilt is gorgeous. The tree especially is absolutely incredible. I love the leaves made of different patterns. Excellent work!