Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tops To The Quilt Top

For no reason at all, besides wanting to try my hand at free motion embroidery, this quilt top was born. Mr. Squirrel has made an appearance again and each time he always looks like he is looking for nuts to gather for the impending harsh winter.
This time he brought along a new friend Calico Bunny, who is very proud of his handmade pom pom tail. It was made with the softest yarn that all the children love to rub their faces against. Being around children is something both Mr. Squirrel and Calico Bunny hold dear.
For children are loyal and share snuggles with one special blanket for years. Although they haven't found their proper home yet they know when they do they will hang on the wall of a tiny infant's room, be held close during night time storms, and carried around till their threads can't hold.
Patiently waiting for the lady, who often mutters to herself things like "how much juice can one child drink" and "I don't have 8 arms but it would be helpful if I did", to sandwich them together into a quilt. Often she gives them a knowing look and an apologetic smile.
Today is different though. There is a whisper in the air that they are going to be finished. Batting, bias, and backing fabric are flying about. A new needle and large spool of thread have been put on the sewing machine.  Mr. Squirrel is giving himself a proper cleaning and Calico Bunny is hoping in anticipation knowing that their pictures will soon be taken. It is with these pictures, a little shop, and a new family that they will find their way to a place they will soon call home.


Jenniffer said...

The bunny and squirrel under the tree are SO cute . . . what wonderful memories that blanket will one day hold!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Gorgeous Amanda!! The colours are beautiful, the squirrel is cute and I am in love with Calico Bunny!!! :)
Vivienne x

Prairie Rose said...

Stunning! You are so talented!

janet said...

I'm really living cute!

Janet xox

Anonymous said...

This is too lovely to keep to myself. I am sharing your post to the world. :)

MSBABY said...

I just posted your cute quilt's feature titled the Squirrel and Bunny Baby Quilt in Fall colors.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share this with my visitors and fans of Unique Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas on Facebook!