Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aries' First Sewing Project

The pillow. It needed to have a bit of pink in it and hearts. Amazingly I didn't have any fabric with hearts ...ut oh! Aries wanted to glue, paint, or tape everything. It's difficult to explain how thread and a needle work to a 5 year old. She picked out all the pink sequins while I drew a heart on the back of the fabric. My explanation  of how to sew was laughable. Poke here ... pull pull pull....then poke again..not my finger...ouch... pull pull...oops ..it got tangled...and it kind of went on like that all night.
At one point Aries said she had a hand cramp but we persevered. Her favorite part was stuffing the pillow full of cloud fluff (her words). Every night her doll, princess Amanda, sleeps on her new pillow - except for the night it fell down and I was woken up by a teary eyed Aries. The boys are not allowed to play with it or lay on it. Damien has already asked if I would teach him how to crochet....look what I started.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well done Aries, the start of many I hope! :)
V x

Prairie Rose said...

Its darling, Aries!
I love the colors and the bling bling too!
You are a good teacher,Amanda:)

a view from a brown dog said...

Very cute and the bling is awesome! Love that you have little crafter in your home, so very fun.