Friday, May 4, 2012


The rain has finally stopped here ...and everything looks greener than normal! Little May flies are buzzing around your face and flying in places they shouldn't. I've been keeping myself busy making garlands for the shop, I'm afraid nothing new at the moment. When your mind gets stuck on one subject it's best to do mind numbing things like watch bad indie flicks and crochet the same pattern over and over.
There are little projects that may be in the works but I can't make any promises that they will be produced anytime soon. New garlands, sequins, and even small projects for some soon to be and already here children. I haven't the energy to go digging through the studio - it is beyond unorganized in there at the moment. Filled with empty boxes and a catch all of things. I've been concentrating on so many other things that somethings get left behind. I'm afraid there has been a bit of "I just want to relax" laziness thrown in there too (like not taking a single picture this week).
One thing I did remember was to pick two winners for my giveaway. Thank you all for entering!!!
The winner of the barn towel is:

The second winner of the ducky shirt is:

I'm sure there will be more found treasures to giveaway soon. Wishing everyone a fun filled weekend :)

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Lola Nova said...

Ooh, congratulations to the winners!

I can completely relate to the studio chaos...well it doesn't much resemble a studio these days, more like an episode of 'Hoarders'.Deep breaths are in order I think.

I love your photos of the bleeding hearts a couple of posts back. One of my favorites in the garden. And the blue canning jar, I have a few from my grandmother!

Have a lovely weekend!