Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 Years

With our new schedule around here it's been a little bit of adjusting, but nothing major. I think you will just find a little more sleepy eyed parents until we get use to it.
My days seem a little more quieter and longer. Tonight is Damien's school recorder concert. He happily came down the stairs this morning. Usually I have to wake him up, but today he advised me he was too excited to start his day. Hubby is going to record it just in case I don't get out of work in time.
On hooky news, I'm almost finished with all my squares for week 2's assignment. Just need to make the ones that got ruined in the accident. It's easier said than done, because during that time I think my crochet hook was moved and after looking and looking the other night, I decided that by the time I did find it, it would be time for bed.
I'm sure it will pop up somewhere unexpected.
It seems really funny to me that I crochet. Just 2 years ago I started this blog (Happy Birthday Blog!) after admiring everyone else's granny square blankets, stool covers, and pillows, hoping that one day I would be able to make those too . While it feels like I have been crocheting for much longer than I have been, this blog doesn't quite feel like it's 2 already.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy 2nd bloggiversary Amanda!!!
Hope you make it to the concert. :)
V x

Monica said...

Congrats on your bloggiversary!

Jenniffer said...

A Happy Bloggiversary to you!
Blessings on it and your new job and all the new routines to figure out!

Lindsay Jewell said...

pretty squares. :)

Micaela said...

awww i bet Damien had a great recorder concert! and i bet no parent had bigger smiles than you two :)

oh my gosh Amanda-- you crochet like you've been doing it for years! oh how i wish we lived closer together so you could teach me. I am just in LOVE with your granny squares-- the colors, everything!

happy 2 years of blogging! i'm so glad you decided to share your corner of the internet. I'm SO GLAD we've met. You're my vintage soul sister for sure xoxo