Monday, June 4, 2012


One of my favorite summer flowers.What's your favorite summer flower? I'm happy I got these from my mom this weekend because after looking at the weather forecast and all the rain this week, it will be nice to have something bright and cheerful in the house. Maybe peonies cut from the garden before the storm will be the saving grace this week.
There has been a lot of waiting around here lately. Waiting on replies on house bids, waiting to learn new things at a new job and the ability to do those tasks, and waiting for school to end. I'm also waiting for some fabric from Japan for a new baby quilt I am starting for a friend. This quilt I am going to hand quilt, which will take a little longer, but all those personal touches will really make this one special. Since it is going to be a surprise I can't really share the coming together of it but I will take pictures along the way so I can share the story of it all once it is finished. 


Jenniffer said...

Crazy, but I just went out into the rain this morning to save the peonies that were open!- we have a week of rain ahead of us here, too.

I'm right there with you on the waiting end . . . feel like that sums up the last six months of my life! I'm learning not to fight it though- there are good things wherever we are at when we look for them.

Your quilt project sounds very exciting! I miss sewing so much, but I have projects I promised myself I'd finished before I clear the sewing desk . . . hopefully this summer as I have a quilted chair cushion I started ages ago that is very summery and I want to finish it up!

Oh- and favorite summer flowers? I love so many, but hydrangeas just get me every time . . . cheers!

Lola Nova said...

Beautiful Peonies! Too many lovely flowers to choose just one.

Wishing you all the best on all of your waiting!

Carole said...

Why does it always rain when the peonies are out? The cooler weather will keep them going a little there is a silver lining.

ps good luck with the new job

Carol said...

Wonderful peonies. My favourite is usually the one I'm smelling or looking at at the time.
At the moment I'm in love with the Sweet Rocket despite so much of it being knocked down by the rain.
Carol xx