Monday, June 25, 2012

What I Meant To Do

On Friday I meant to write a post here but as luck would have it we lost power. We knew there were thunderstorms rolling through the area and if the weatherman didn't tell me the kids did. I got play by play updates as they looked out their windows, at the dark luminous clouds that were fastly approaching us. Once the thunder gave a loud clap they all came scurrying down the stairs. The storm rolled in fast and when large hail started pinging off the windows the kids got nervous. To calm them I advised we track the storm online, then the power flickered and then out. We wouldn't know until later that the stormed knocked several large trees down, right onto the power lines, and we would be without power for over 24 hours (trust me if I  had known I would have turned the temp. in the refrigerator down, taken a shower, and filled up some large jugs of water).
With no shower and very little sleep I went to work on Saturday, were I needed to show my new abilities. After a very long day I did get good news that my shadowing is over and I will start seeing patients one on one tomorrow. It was a relief, at least for myself, to hear that news.
Sunday we cleaned out the fridge, due to no power, and refilled everything. I tried my best to take that day to relax making more crochet sampler squares.
Today we looked at a beautiful old house, chalked full of character and charm. It had a perfect studio room on the second floor with an old farm sink, jade green wainscoting, small pink cottage flower printed wall paper, large built in cabinets, and a wall filled with floor to ceiling wavy old glass windows. Unfortunately copper bandits came in. They took out all the copper for the plumbing, electrical, and heating, so while it put some change in their pockets, a piece of history will sit - needing far too many repairs that Rob and I can't do ourselves.
I must admit I pouted a bit when we got home. Why must people do that to earn money? It drives me bonkers. So to cheer myself I went out to the very very neglected garden and cut some flowers. My shasta daisies, bachelor buttons, and coreopsis all bloomed around the weeds. In fact I am telling myself the only reason their petals remain from the storm is due to the weeds.... works right?!
So what I meant to do this weekend was relax, find a house, and write a post. One out of three isn't bad.

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Anonymous said...

I love that second picture! I am staring at it and soaking up all the happy!