Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bed Stuffed with Embroidered Pillowcases

Oh my goodness this weekend was a long one. It was filled with mixed emotions, from being excited and happy to the possibility of finding our house to a shocking and puzzling counter offer that made us a bit grouchy and disappointed on Monday. Tuesday rolled around and made it even more difficult when the car decided to flash a check engine signal and we needed to rent a car to get to our jobs. Thankfully the car is fixed and it was nothing too serious, because I don't think we could have handled serious this week.

But when I was thinking about our house I pictured cottage gardens, a pantry filled with homemade jams, and a lovely bed stuffed with pillows all in embroidered pillowcases. Just because things didn't work out doesn't mean I still can't have all those things once we do find our place. Last night, after a long long day, I got the hoop out and decided to start adding to my collection of pillowcases. It's been awhile since I made something just for me, and just to make sure I would keep it as mine, I added a monogram. Deciding on what letters for the monogram, is a bit tricky when you have a first, middle, married, and maiden name. Finally deciding on A for Amanda, W for Maiden name, and A for Married name - that seemed to fit the best. It's still a work in progress but so is the house hunt.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely neat stitches. :)
V x

Jenniffer said...

Oh man- houses can be such heartbreakers. You are certainly coming at it was a right-side-up attitude though. You will have a very pretty pillowcase to top off your new to you bedroom someday. Glad at least the car situation didn't prove worse.

Carol said...

Lovely needlework.
Hope you soon find your dream home.
Carol xx

a view from a brown dog said...

Glad the car thing worked out, phew. Your pillow cases will be beautiful and i agree why not keep working on items to fill said dream home while passing the time during your search. Good luck Amanda i have no doubt you'll find your new perfect for you home soon.

Micaela said...

oh my darling, i am so sorry about Monday :( but SIGH OF RELIEF for nothing too serious on the car. ugh, car woes are the worst.

EXACTLY-- it doesn't mean you still can't have all those things once you do find your place.

Did you read "The Time Traveler's Wife?" (one of my absolute faves) when they were house hunting and Henry had a dream of their perfect place. Think of it like that... it's a work in a progress but when you find the one that's meant to be, it will work out and you'll be glad that Monday happened.


Kristen said...

Goodness, I love everything you've been working on, and your photos are so beautiful. :)