Friday, May 18, 2012

I kept my promise and added new things to the shop last night and it felt good. Weather is finally starting to feel warm and sunny. Cleaning and deciding what needs to go, you realize just how to much "stuff" you have. At least it's good stuff that someone else may want. Flowers are starting to bloom in the beyond neglected flower garden from last year. The bearded iris was not planted by me but was already there. I must confess I dislike this flower and the color, just not my favorite. More house hunting tomorrow and then an interview. Hope everyone has a sunny fun filled, let's go celebrate, kind of weekend!


Janine Rudkins said...

Love the Russian Dolls!

Micaela said...

I couldn't sleep (it's nearly 1 over here) so i decided to do a little etsy browsing-- i ALWAYS find something in your shop i MUST have and that sweet deer bookend had baby's nursery written all over it! :) HAD TO HAVE IT ;) and as i said in the note to you on etsy, I love that one of the books this bookend will hold is the sweet present you gave us. It's actually the first book i read out loud to my belly <3