Monday, May 7, 2012

My Weekend in Moments

Filling out thank you notes with orders from the shop.
House hunting for charm & character.
Thrifting at new to me antique shops.
Picking wildflowers with Aries.
Random magical coincidences.
A giveaway winner sharing lovely projects they made with their winnings.
Fun birthday party for my one year old 2nd cousin.
Watching Matilda just to see Ms. Honey's cottage.
Lack of sleep, but not from stress more from dreaming.


Ina said...

House hunting can be stressful but you'll get there. ;p

Love the flowers.

Jenniffer said...

sounds like a beautiful weekend to me- I hope the 'limbo' of the process you're in right now won't keep you away from all the joys in each day! :)