Thursday, July 26, 2012

Easy Distractions

My back is getting better but it requires a lot of sitting still. Before work and after work I feel like a big lump. I'm trying to find distractions, thinking about what cosmetic things can be done easily to the new house, crocheting some more squares, and reading books in bed. All week I've been staring at boxes that hubby brought home from work. Several times I've been tempted to get up and pack a box or two but reminded myself that someday soon I would love to walk in the upright position again.
While the distractions are not coming so easily anymore, I'm finding myself a little bored. Any ideas on things you can do sitting completely still or laying down in bed?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Nothing other than sleep but I'm sure you already know that one!!
Love the crochet, keep doing that, you'll soon have a new blanket. :)
V x

Lola Nova said...

Ooh, is that a pic of the new house? Wow! So sorry to hear your back is bunk, nothing worse than back problems. Hope that you heal quickly and are back to rights again soon.

Jennifer Edwards said...

How about drawing? sketching? doodling? Might not take too much movement to draw whatever is in front of you (or on the ceiling;) and you might just end up with some sweet little sketches of beauties you didn't know were there right next to you while convalescing. Just a thought. I love your blog! Found it through Alicia Paulson's.