Friday, July 27, 2012

Package for Felix

Awhile ago I couldn't contain myself and shared with you the Hexagon Bib that I made for a lovely friend and her soon to be little girl. What I didn't show, because I promised myself that I would wait till it was delivered, was the baby quilt, embroidered bib, and crochet booties. 
I debated over the blanket for a little bit. Usually I like to make children's blankets something they can grow into and use on a toddler bed or even a throw blanket but this time I made it smaller. Small enough to take on car rides, carry around the house, or fold into a large tote. The inspiration came from my youngest son Odyn. To this day he still has his "fuzzy", a small blanket that doesn't cover him anymore, that is WELL worn, and often gets toted around the house even up and down the stairs. "Fuzzy" has a hard time getting put into the washing machine, getting left behind, or not being slept with at night - in Odyn's own words - it's his best friend. If this blanket should be special enough to be a best friend to my friend's daughter, than it would need small enough to go many places. 
As for the fabric, I used Hideaway by Moda for one side. It's a nice cheerful collection of pretty chateau villages, gingham, cuckoo clocks, and sweet woodland deer. The other side I wanted to be a bit softer so I used soft white fuzzy dot fabric, pretty vintage floral sheet fabric, small red strawberries, butterflies, and bicycles - a nice random mix of fun patterns all in the same color pallet of yellows, oranges, whites, and pinks.
There was a bit of horror story with the second bib. One that had me gasping and praying that once washed everything would be fine. I know my sweet friend is naming her daughter Felix (love that name for a girl!) so I decided to embroider an F on the bib. I picked out a very Old English Script font and traced it onto the fabric with...pen. Let me right now, not recommend regular ink pen to do this. I stitched away, added the cute little flowers to the side. I sewed the bib all together and even added the pretty turquoise snap. Noticing that some of the ink tracing was sticking out a little from where I stitched I decided to try to remove it. With rubbing alcohol and q-tip in hand I slowly began to rub the ink away, a trick I have used many times before. This time, however, the ink began to bleed and go everywhere. It wasn't looking pretty. So with one last effort I poured a larger amount of rubbing alcohol on all the ink, rubbed it a little bit together, and quickly put it in the wash. I didn't even have the heart to look at it before drying it - so into the dryer it went. As you can see from the final result, it all ended well, but was very close to being scrapped.
The little Maryjane booties I made from a pattern I found on Ravelry. Without the little bit of paper stuffed in them they kind of lose their shape. It could have just been the yarn I used though - not sure. But who can resist baby shoes and tiny baby feet?!? They were a must to put into this sweet little package. Also not pictured were my favorite cookies, the mom to be's favorite cookies, and some tea that I swear caused my water to break when I past my due date with Odyn (don't worry I put the story on the sleeve containing the tea).
I had so much fun creating this package. Hope my vintage soul sister loves it just as much. 


Anonymous said...

What's not to love? Great job, everything is lovely.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh she will, she will!
Those little shoes, oh my goodness, how cute are they!! :)
V x

annette said...

Beautifully done. I especailly love the second side of the quilt and the both bibs are adorable!!!

Micaela said...

My SWEETEST vintage soul sister,

If I could hug you, i probably would never let go-- your baby shower package touched my heart! (i sent the link of your blog post to my twinkie and she said she was crying too lol it's THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!!!) all of it, everything-- so perfect. I have said it before but i truly mean it : your talent never ceases to amaze me. You should def. start selling bibs and quilts (love the story of "fuzzy"), they are truly one of a kind! and of course the hot pink shoes... nothing says "girl" to me more-- actually nothing says *my* daughter more ;)

My husband really loved the quilt (and the milanos!) and couldn't get over your kindness either. I giggled at the story of the tea (will keep that in mind!) and how you included not just my favorite cookies but yours too (which i may be eating right now as i watch the olympic's opening celebration in the background) -- amanda that is just you, that is just your heart. Every bit personal, every bit wonderful.

I can not thank-you enough <3 I hope you know how much it means to me and my family. I'm so blessed to know you!

love love love,
Micaela & Felix xoxo

ps. i can't wait to take baby girl's newborn photos on top of the quilt

Carol said...

What a lovely gift. I'm sure the quilt will be loved by Felix, it is just perfect.
Carol xx

Ina said...

I guess we've all had close calls. Mine was pink Clover brand 'wash out' chalk that I used to mark my quilting lines. Do you think it washed out? Um, NO! I was so angry and upset. I soaked and soaked and soaked and got about 95% off. I learned my lesson: ALWAYS test it on scraps before using it! ;p

Anonymous said...

What beautiful gifts! Wow, I'm sure your friend will love them! They are all set to be family heirlooms I'm sure! So glad the ink came out! That embroidery is so lovely! Well done!

Lora said...

what gorgeous work! you are so talented. love the vintage sheet music tucked inside the little shoes, too. :)