Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Things To End The Week With

 Getting my new business cards in the mail and they look even better in person.
Finishing up a lovely little baby shower package for a dear friend.
Amazing birthday gifts in the mail. 
These birch tree candle holders are from my vintage soul sister.
I know just the place to put them in the new house.

Hope everyone else has happy things to end this week with ♥


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well, we have had sunshine for two days in a row without any rain, so that has made me happy. :)
Love the new business cards and those cute little shoes!!
Happy weekend Amanda!
V xxxxxxxx

Ina said...

LOVE the business cards! Love them! ;p

a view from a brown dog said...

Oh my goodness those babies booties are adorable! What a wonderful gift you have created for your buddy and I'm sure it will be cherished greatly.

Prairie Rose said...

Love the cards and baby shower gifts.
Those birch candles are so lovely!
What a delightful gift from your friend:)

Micaela said...

Vintage Soul Sister, i really hope you had an amazing birthday! i am so sorry that it wasn't much this year as i was busy getting ready to go on vacation with my family and little felix arriving so soon (it hits me in a sweet panic sometimes!) but when i played detective on your etsy favorites, i fell in love with them and thought they needed to be in your new house. <3 they were so you!

OH MY GOODNESS, i don't even have the words for the cuteness of that baby shower package. is there anything sweeter or better than home made? nothing, i say! :)

your business cards - amazing and so you! i love your collage/design style.

happy happy happy things indeed xo

Carol A.Bender said...

Very beautiful