Monday, July 18, 2011

After 8 Years

Do you see something different about the boys room?

After more than 8 years we say goodbye to a piece of furniture that has been with us before our first was born. Odyn has a big boy bed and the crib is getting put in our upcoming tag sale. Hubby shed a tear and I gave a silent clap, there are no more babies in this house.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Crib to bed is a bit of a mixed emotions business!
Vivienne x

Saritha said...

Aww that is such a touching post!!You must be happy and sad at the same time!!

Jenniffer said...

Oh- the boys' room is so neat! I love the quilts on the beds. I love the beds! I haven't been in a crib for quite a while, but I'm a bit jealous of Odyn at the moment! ;)

Lola Nova said...

Oh my! That is a milestone. Congrats to Odyn and his big boy bed!