Monday, July 25, 2011

First Job

One great thing about a heat wave is that the flowers think they are in a greenhouse. Even though my little garden has been very neglected daisies, bachelor buttons, and snap dragons still seem to be doing fine.
My first job ever was working in a greenhouse. After deciding that I didn't want to go to my local high school with the same people I had known since Kindergarten, I applied to go to an agriculture based school. Not only did my bus arrive at 4 am but you were also required to have an agriculture based project after school.
The greenhouse was my project. Covered in potting soil, soggy socks, and prune fingers were an every day occurrence. There were some things I didn't enjoy about this job like the butterflies that would get trapped inside or the snakes that would sneak up on you while you were watering the ferns, but by far, the good out weighed the bad. Cutting the lavender, smelling the flowers in blooms, and seeing every shade of nature imaginable.
It was at this job that I learnt a teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, and just a pinch of salt in a vase of fresh cut flowers will make them last longer. That you want to cut your flowers at a 90 degree angle right above new leaves and that cutting flowers off your plants will make it bloom bigger and better next year. So if you pass by a garden that needs a good weeding and see some strange woman cutting the very little flowers she has to put in vases... you probably just drove by my house.


Jenniffer said...

Beautiful pictures!

Thanks for the 'recipe' for keeping cut flowers. I need to try this for my next bouquet.

Carol said...

Thank you for the cutflower tips.
Weeds can bring unexpected pleasures, earlier this summer I found one of these which made me decide that leaving the Rosebay Willowherb was a good thing!
Carol xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love all your little posies. :)
I love my own little greenhouse, it gives me a lot of pleasure.
It's interesting learning your tip for fresh flowers in a vase, I always put a spoonful of sugar and a tiny little bit of bleach in mine, it seems to work too!
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and tips - thanks.