Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Hot To Think

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! It was a great day. Lately it's been too hot to think about anything. I cleaned out the studio, because it got to a point where the projects were escaping and leaving to other rooms.
With the heat sticking around, plans that we had for this weekend soon became plans to sit by the A/C. Even though the studio was clean, not much sewing was done. Getting the bag tutorial out I started to sew only to find drops of sweat on my forehead. Exasperated by the heat I gave up and giving up is something that is very rare for me. The weatherman says that a cold front is suppose to move in and thunderstorms will happen tonight. With fingers crossed I hope he is right, so I can finish the long awaited bag.
While I was in the studio I did notice that my inspiration board was a bit lacking. Getting on the move to remedy that problem right away I searched for postcard swaps. Have you heard of Swap-bot? It's a really neat site that hosts all kinds of swaps. Soon my board will be filled with all kinds of fun postcards.
Hope for rain and stay cool - I may drag the sewing machine out of the studio and in front of the air conditioner tonight!

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Nadiine said...

Happy belated birthday!! I'm glad you had a really lovely day :) Just read your previous post - absolutely love your hair! :) Thank-you for suggesting Swap-bot i'm definately going to sign up :) x