Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

So today I thought I was going to show everyone the wonders of block number 2 in the series of Doodle Embroidery Quilt Blocks but it just so happened that a little thunderstorm rolled through last night. Which in turn caused our power to go out. A viscous cycle had begun because without electricity meant not enough light to embroider and no movie to entertain children. So the kids and I played with my camera for a bit ... after all, this weeks photography inspiration is Dive In and I hadn't even started it yet.
Damien agreed that the best thing to dive in to is our bed after a long day. Of course to get the pictures the only diving in would be on mom and dad's bed. After the jumping up and down, throwing of pillows, and  taking the sheets off my bed stopped the daylight was fading fast. Getting all nestled into their own beds I read the kids a book by candle light, something that put my old eyes to the test. The fear of not having a night light was soon replaced with the rhythmic sounds of small snores and I was left to sit downstairs in silence.
A person can only watch candles flicker for so long. Paper and pen in hand I wrote down to do lists, 4 year plans, and back to school needs.Getting very bored with myself I decided to call it a night. At 2 am our power came back on with a hum. Going around the house shutting off the lights that had been left on 8 hours earlier, I realized how thankful I am for electricity. Tonight, hopefully with the power of electricity, I will be able to stitch up enough of  block 2 to post pictures. Which only leaves me with one question .. whatcha been working on?


Jenniffer said...

Hi Amanda-

Glad your power is back on. Loosing for a bit anything we're use to really does make us thankful- especially power. Sounds like you made the most of it though. Your kids will probably have great memories of candlelight at bedtime.
What am I working on? Oldest son's bedroom. Finishing the last coat on the walls and then on to the trim. Love, love, love the trim in our house, but hate, hate, hate painting it!
Hope you get your stitching done!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Do you know we haven't had a thunderstorm in ages, I really quite like thunderstorms!
Still working on my rose bag after I had left it aside for a while, almost finished now. :)
Vivienne x

Lola Nova said...

Love the 'Diving In'! Can't wait to see block 2!