Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Photography Inspiration ~ Week 1

I love joining Flickr groups and looking at other peoples photos almost as much as taking my own. Photography is something I want to get better at. Taking a class at this moment is not in the cards, but that has never stopped me from learning something new.
Less than a year ago I could not crochet, not even a stitch. Watching videos on the internet, reading a book, and asking a family friend for some quick lessons - I can now call myself a crocheter. Not just any crocheter either, one that has made crochet hangers, blankets, and even a little girls dress.
The way I look at things, is if you want to do something bad enough you will learn how. Looking at Flickr I found a weekly photography inspiration group that just started. To my surprise, week 1 is what you eat. Having grabbed my camera the other day while the kids and I were preparing dinner I snapped shots of lettuce from my mom's garden and the noodle that wanted to stand out in the crowd. Perfect photos without even knowing the theme for week 1 and a sign that I'm on the right path of learning something new.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Good for you Amanda!
Vivienne x
P.S. Your mum's lettuce does look good.:)

Lindsay Jewell said...

Mmm, the photos look beautiful. I think Flickr is such an inspiring and accepting place. :)

Micaela said...

the right path indeed! you inspire me... i am the sort that gets intimidated by DIY's. i wouldn't think for a second that you just learned to crochet.

please post your photos on your blog too?


ps. you will be among the first to know when we get to our baby making lol <3

Anonymous said...

You fascinate me, always have. :)