Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekly Photography Inspiration ~ Week 3

This weeks photography inspiration theme is color. Going with the theme, I went a little outside the box. Normally in my crafting work there is tons of different colors but for the photos I thought maybe I will just concentrate on how colors feel.

Like blue to me is classic, charming, farm house sophisticated, like the blue glass of mason jars.
Yellow to me is a happy color which reminds me of the center of daisies and peanut butter cookies.
Red feels powerful, demanding attention,  like the wattle of the rooster in charge.
My favorite color is green which is, peaceful, relaxing, quiet, and calm. Reminding me of my metal jade garden chairs and a field of grass blowing in the wind.
Orange is a little crazy, exciting, striking, vibrant like that of waddling duck feet.
Now white can be argued that it's not a color at all but when I think of white it's luxurious and soft like feathers.
 I also took some fun black and white photos - kinda forgetting about the theme. Thinking I may turn some into postcards for the shop. So if you were taking pictures for the weekly photo inspiration of color what color would you choose? How does that color make you feel? What would that picture be of?
P.S. I know I missed week 2 which was materials - just couldn't get inspired that week


Hannah said...

At htis time my colour would have to be of something Pea green. I think its because I am hanging out for winter to end, and for that vibrent green that comes with spring.
Love your photo's, especially those orange feet!!

Jenniffer said...

I think right now I would pick a serene aqua blue- a picture of a far away tropical ocean to make me calm and peaceful. The best part would needing to be at the ocean in order to take the picture ;)

Really love your rooster head shot- is he yours? Oh- and your tablecloth is as yummy looking as those cookies!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post and pictures, my favorite color has always been green with purple running a close second.