Friday, July 27, 2012

Package for Felix

Awhile ago I couldn't contain myself and shared with you the Hexagon Bib that I made for a lovely friend and her soon to be little girl. What I didn't show, because I promised myself that I would wait till it was delivered, was the baby quilt, embroidered bib, and crochet booties. 
I debated over the blanket for a little bit. Usually I like to make children's blankets something they can grow into and use on a toddler bed or even a throw blanket but this time I made it smaller. Small enough to take on car rides, carry around the house, or fold into a large tote. The inspiration came from my youngest son Odyn. To this day he still has his "fuzzy", a small blanket that doesn't cover him anymore, that is WELL worn, and often gets toted around the house even up and down the stairs. "Fuzzy" has a hard time getting put into the washing machine, getting left behind, or not being slept with at night - in Odyn's own words - it's his best friend. If this blanket should be special enough to be a best friend to my friend's daughter, than it would need small enough to go many places. 
As for the fabric, I used Hideaway by Moda for one side. It's a nice cheerful collection of pretty chateau villages, gingham, cuckoo clocks, and sweet woodland deer. The other side I wanted to be a bit softer so I used soft white fuzzy dot fabric, pretty vintage floral sheet fabric, small red strawberries, butterflies, and bicycles - a nice random mix of fun patterns all in the same color pallet of yellows, oranges, whites, and pinks.
There was a bit of horror story with the second bib. One that had me gasping and praying that once washed everything would be fine. I know my sweet friend is naming her daughter Felix (love that name for a girl!) so I decided to embroider an F on the bib. I picked out a very Old English Script font and traced it onto the fabric with...pen. Let me right now, not recommend regular ink pen to do this. I stitched away, added the cute little flowers to the side. I sewed the bib all together and even added the pretty turquoise snap. Noticing that some of the ink tracing was sticking out a little from where I stitched I decided to try to remove it. With rubbing alcohol and q-tip in hand I slowly began to rub the ink away, a trick I have used many times before. This time, however, the ink began to bleed and go everywhere. It wasn't looking pretty. So with one last effort I poured a larger amount of rubbing alcohol on all the ink, rubbed it a little bit together, and quickly put it in the wash. I didn't even have the heart to look at it before drying it - so into the dryer it went. As you can see from the final result, it all ended well, but was very close to being scrapped.
The little Maryjane booties I made from a pattern I found on Ravelry. Without the little bit of paper stuffed in them they kind of lose their shape. It could have just been the yarn I used though - not sure. But who can resist baby shoes and tiny baby feet?!? They were a must to put into this sweet little package. Also not pictured were my favorite cookies, the mom to be's favorite cookies, and some tea that I swear caused my water to break when I past my due date with Odyn (don't worry I put the story on the sleeve containing the tea).
I had so much fun creating this package. Hope my vintage soul sister loves it just as much. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Easy Distractions

My back is getting better but it requires a lot of sitting still. Before work and after work I feel like a big lump. I'm trying to find distractions, thinking about what cosmetic things can be done easily to the new house, crocheting some more squares, and reading books in bed. All week I've been staring at boxes that hubby brought home from work. Several times I've been tempted to get up and pack a box or two but reminded myself that someday soon I would love to walk in the upright position again.
While the distractions are not coming so easily anymore, I'm finding myself a little bored. Any ideas on things you can do sitting completely still or laying down in bed?

Monday, July 23, 2012

6 Years

Yesterday Rob and I celebrated our 6 year wedding Anniversary. We didn't do much to celebrate, I unfortunately re-tweaked my back (Do back muscles ever heal?) and spent the day on the couch crocheting granny squares, watching silly made for TV movies hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers. Rob took the car to be inspected and get an oil change, and took the kids with him to spend the day at his parents.
All together we have been a couple for 12 years. While right now we are in a bit of chaos - getting ready to move, things keep challenging us like car problems, back problems, teeth problems, water problems - it's times like these that you realize you couldn't get through it all without the other person.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

1. I'm not a morning person but I try very hard to be and wish I was.
2. My first job was in a greenhouse when I was 14. When you watered the ferns sometimes snakes would slither out - and to this day I dislike ferns for that reason.
3. I went to three different high schools. In my first one I was part of the FFA and was my chapters reporter. Every 3rd Thursday of the month I had to wear the blue corduroy jacket with gold stitching through the hallways at my school - think Napoleon Dynamite.
4. I like to bake much more than I like to cook.
5. It's been a couple of years now, but I use to smoke cigarettes (never when I was pregnant). A habit I'm glad I quit.
6. Often I try to be perfect even though I'm not. When I make a mistake I'm often more hard on myself than anyone else would ever be on me.
7. My dear hubby and I are complete opposites - he falls asleep fast, I lay awake at night. He likes new. I like old. He likes chocolate chocolate cake. I'm more a vanilla strawberry person ...and list can go on and on.
8. My husband picked out the first names for all of our children. Of course these were the only times I agreed with him.
9. When I was younger I had a million different pets - a goat, bunnies, chickens, a lizard, fish, hermit crabs, dogs, cats, hamsters...I probably even forgot some.
10. Sometimes when I start things I don't keep up or finish them - to this day I'm amazed that I keep up with my blog the way that I do - I'm constantly surprising myself.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Extra Time

Yesterday morning the kids started their own little mini vacation at my mom's house. A whole week filled with sleepovers, roasting marshmallows, playing with chickens, and no mom or dad. While my mom's house is literally 3 houses up, to them I'm sure it feels like a different world.
With no kids in site, the house here has become very quiet. I can hear a little drop of water rattling around in the air conditioner, the hum of the computer, and my own fingers hitting the keys on the keyboard. Last night there was no one sneaking down the stairs and hopping into my bed. This morning no requests for juice or snacks. I'm finding myself hurrying around for no reason, and time seems to a last a little longer. I read a couple pages in a book without interruption, and tonight I might read a bit more.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Things To End The Week With

 Getting my new business cards in the mail and they look even better in person.
Finishing up a lovely little baby shower package for a dear friend.
Amazing birthday gifts in the mail. 
These birch tree candle holders are from my vintage soul sister.
I know just the place to put them in the new house.

Hope everyone else has happy things to end this week with ♥

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Looking around today I noticed my house is a bit out of order. There are dishes that have piled way too high, thirsty children with an almost empty juice container in the fridge, heaping piles of laundry, and a dog that seems very content with making a clone of himself by shedding. So I pulled up my big girl pants this morning,  and tried my best to put things back in order.
Lately my free time has been spent sewing. Dear hubby even remarked this weekend that he hasn't seen me this crafty in awhile. It feels good to get back in that mood. Soon I will need to start organizing the studio into boxes and pairing down some supplies, but for now their is a bit of last minute creativity happening.

Monday, July 9, 2012


 Today I turned 30. We had our home inspection, everything we expected from a 112 year old house. Hopefully soon I will be sharing pictures, before & afters, and funny tales of home improvements.
After that we went out for a lovely birthday dinner. Aries used her menu and restaurant crayons to make me a birthday card. Hubby offered to bake a birthday cake for me, but since I am usually the baker in the family, we opted for an ice cream cake. Aries and Odyn debated on what flowers to get me - pleading each others cases to Rob to pick the ones they wanted. A strawberry colored bouquet won ♥.
I don't feel old but I do feel very lucky and fortunate, which is the best birthday wish I could ask for.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Handmade Baby Bibs

For awhile I've been working on a cute little surprise of handmade baby items for a blogging friend. I probably shouldn't be showing pictures just yet, but I just can't help myself. Keeping things a surprise has never been a strong suit for me. 
Last night I finished up this hexagon flower bib - I have other little items but I promised myself that I would only share them once they are mailed out and the mommy gets them.
Making things for babies is so much fun, I could literally get carried away with it all. Which is why I am giving myself the whole day tomorrow to do just that! Hope your weekend is full of things that make you get carried away ♥
P.S. Sorry about the blurry pictures lately - I really need to start using my tripod again!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday Holiday

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We didn't do much around here. The kids celebrated with my mother, I got a quiet day to myself (mostly packing up some things), and Hubby had to work. This Wednesday holiday thing, did mess me up, as I'm sure most Americans feel the same way. One day off in the middle of the week, creating two mini work weeks, just doesn't seem right.
I worked a little on the crochet sampler yesterday, to get myself caught up. Every time I do a new square I think to myself "this is my favorite square" but looking at all of them I can't just pick one. I'm more in love with this project with each square I make. Plus it's an easy distraction from thinking about Monday. Lately my mind has been all house business - that I have to stop and think - Monday I also turn the big 30! Ahhhh!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lazy Days

This weekend there were so many plans, to go to the beach, to cut into some new fabric, and to start packing up some things. But lazy days hit us when I re-tweaked my back. Instead we stayed home and watched some movies. 
On the home front, we have made it to inspections - hopefully by the end of the month we will be moving....then lots and lots of painting.